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Many dangers are approaching us. The biggest threat is, of course, global warming and the symptoms of climate change. The impacts on earth and its biosphere are many. At the same time, we have the loss of biodiversity, the devastation of our water sources, increased militancy, the rise of willing ignorance, and a shocking concentration of wealth into fewer and fewer hands. Unfortunately, most people only concentrate on one danger at a time, if they perceive any danger at all.

At the same time, technology and scientific knowledge are expanding significantly.

Many of us were motivated with visions of a great future. One of the brightest of those futures is that of an inclusive, intelligent, and wise space-faring civilization. All the dangers above are a direct threat to that beautiful future, too.

Developing that beautiful future is why the Earth Settlement One project exists.


To do that:

  1. We need to augment human intellectual, physical, and emotional capacities.
  2. We need to develop new technologies to assist those augmented capacities
  3. We need to create new social mechanisms for cooperative interaction because mutualism is more effective than parasitism for space-faring civilizations.


We are going to implement these changes in the following phases
  1. The creation of an Internet community to begin this work.
  2. The creation of an Earth analog community to put these principles into practice. These discoveries will be available to the whole world openly.
  3. Become the space-faring civilization we want to be.

To that end, we embrace the following principles:

Core Precepts


Membership Diversity

Scientific Basis

Dedication to Truth

Humanist Foundation

Equal Contribution

Equal Access

Mutual Sustainability

Cooperative and Collaborative Interaction



Embodiment Integrity

Additional Measures